Jeremy Hill
Jeremy Hill

Jeremy is the founder of LoveRealBeauty. He is an experienced businessman with a passion for building and operating unique ventures. With a deep belief in the ethos of LoveRealBeauty (Read: Why I Started LoveRealBeauty), he is responsible for the day-to-day operations of LoveRealBeauty.

Gabrielle Meit
Gabrielle Meit

"The kind of beauty I appreciate most is the one that comes from within. We are all have certain qualities and have our own unique beauty. Appearance makes us all beautiful in different ways, the most important thing is to embrace what you have an be proud of it, as well as value yourself for the many different things that make you beautiful."

Ben Seligman
Ben Seligman

“Imagery tells a story and like all stories the visual mediums of photography and film are saturated with emotion.”

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