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We highlight the genuine, organic beauty of people we see around us each and every day because beauty is not something that can be defined by Madison Avenue, Hollywood, or magic pixels.

This site is a forum for  ‘Real Beauties’ to share with the world their tips and tricks for self-care, including the cosmetics & personal care products that they love.


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All revenues from the sale of the product will be donated to Girls Not Brides, a charity we are currently highlighting.

Jo Malone Body Cream

Jo Malone is an inspiring woman. And her products SMELL AMAZING! With the Jo Malone Body Cream, in “Wood & Sage” not only will you smell good, but your skin will also feel amazing.


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LoveRealBeauty is looking for like-minded people who want to help us recognize beauty. You may be fashion forward student, or a stay at home mom, or just a guy with a great camera. We want you to help us capture the local beauty around you. We want you to help us uncover what is beautiful.

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LoveRealBeauty is a forum for real women to recognize and take power over their own vision of beauty.


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