At the start of Memorial Day weekend, let’s celebrate the real and fictional women who kicked butt this week.

Take a moment to thank our military vets for their service (Instagram)

Why it’s important: first, because I’m super-proud of my cousin Jes for the lives she’s saved on multiple deployments as an Army medic, and my cousin Christina who just enlisted in the Army National Guard this week. Secondly, because it’s really hard to find female soldiers on Instagram. #ladybadassery is taking place at all levels of the military, in forward areas and behind the scenes, even if you don’t see it. It’s a small thing to say, thank you for your service, but make sure you do it on Monday.

Final notice: just six days left to get all your Wonder Woman on at Walgreens (Refinery29)

Why it’s important: Wonder Woman is literally the super hero for all of us. On June 2, she’s getting her first live action treatment since 1979. To celebrate the first female superhero movie EVER, Walgreens has stocked every makeup anything you could think of covered in stars, nested Ws, and golden lassos.

Why should you buy? It’s been almost 40 years since the TV show. You’ve endured at least six colossally terrible dude superhero movies, and that’s just in the theater. You are absolutely entitled to go full Diana. Wear headbands, wristbands, and gold eyeshadow to your heart’s content. Fire up your invisible jet, throw on some Amazonian clay battle stripes, and take your red sparkly star-covered makeup tote down to your local theater.

There’s even more, fancier Wonder Woman makeup coming from Luxie (Revelist)

Why it’s important: the Wonder Woman movie has been so eternally long in the making that it deserves two mentions and two distinct makeup lines. (Again…exactly ONE lady superhero. One.) Upstart brush brand Luxie offered a Wonder Woman brush pre-order this week. The full line from this vegan and cruelty-free company is now rumored to debut at San Diego Comic-con in July. If that happens, watch your toes, Storm Troopers. It’s sure to be only the second lady stampede in SDCC history. (The first was a sighting of Jon Snow in the HBO booth in 2014.)

You can choose the Future of Beauty in the next 10 minutes (FounderMade + YouTube)

Why it’s important: today only, you get to make like Shark Tank and choose which of these ten new women-founded beauty brands will pitch to the world’s top beauty investors. The contenders include Elate Clean Cosmetics for waste-free, sustainable, clean makeup; Phyte Club makeup designed for gym selfies; blendSMART spinning blender brush; Nailbot printable nail art from your smart phone; and Swivel Beauty for finding and booking specialists in African-American hair styling and maintenance. Vote by watching their videos and giving a thumbs-up to your favorite. But be quick! Voting ends at 11:59 PM Eastern tonight.

Move over, Joan & Bette: “War Paint” showcases the nasty feud that created the modern cosmetics industry (CBS News)

Why it’s important: ever wonder how we ended up with department store makeup counters? The credit goes to Helena Rubenstein and Elizabeth Arden. The two women were pioneers of the modern cosmetics industry, building their businesses before American women could vote. They invented the day spa, trial sizes, night creme, and department store counters. That’s some #leanin-worthy stuff. But, they also had one of the ugliest feuds in American business history. Like, husband-stealing and industrial espionage ugly. Now on Broadway, legendary actors Christine Ebersol and Patti LuPone fight it out every night. If you can’t get to New York, or you’re a business book buff, check out the insanely detailed book that inspired the musical.

Major MJ Hegar, crusader for women’s equality on the battlefield, is getting a movie (Village Soup)

Why it’s important: okay, so it’s not truly a cosmetic beauty story, but we have two stories on an imaginary superhero. Why not a real one? (I’d buy the makeup capsule.) U.S. Air National Guard Major MJ Hegar was only the sixth woman ever to receive the Purple Heart. She was wounded when the Medevac helicopter she was piloting was shot down in Afghanistan in 2009. After her tours, she was instrumental in changing the rules that limited women’s participation in American combat zones. Her bestselling book, Shoot Like a Girl, was published in March and is being made into a movie starring Angelina Jolie. If you are in Maine on Monday, celebrate Memorial Day by catching her speech at the Knox Museum. 

Yoko Ono’s offbeat approach to beauty and self-care (The New Yorker)

Why it’s important: Yoko’s been through some stuff. If she suggests your nail lacquer choice should be either the color of the sky or the color of the ocean, you should give it at least a moment of consideration.

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