It’s the week of the tryptophan haze. No wonder some stories were missed! We’re posting extra-early this week before the Black Friday links sell out.

Here are seven beauty stories and a bonus #nomakeup Instagram we think are worth bringing to your attention.

I feel like I deceived you all. I uploaded a photo of me looking pretty darn glamorous. And although I like that photo of myself, and I did put in effort to go out in the city looking ‘nice’ that day to perk myself up a bit – I feel like a lot of you misinterpreted me as a person. You see, there were a lot.. and I mean ALOT of comments… saying “wow you looking AMAZING” and “how do you look so good?” But the ones that really didn’t sit well with me were the “I wish I could look like you when pregnant ?” NOW LADIEZ LISTEN UP! I’d had a spray tan, one that’s now manky. My hair was curled, it’s now sweat-infested in a knotty bun. I had applied my ‘glam’ makeup look that takes 30mins and I had big sunnies covering half my face. I also SOMEHOW looked thinner, especially than how I feel, but I think it was just the angles and #instahubby worked some magic that day by nailing it with the first pic. Now whilst I am only 26 and proud of the fact I sometimes make a lot of effort in my presentation, I do things like tan, makeup, hair etc quite regularly… THAT IS NOT ME EVERYDAY!!!! I can ASSURE you that 5/7 days a week, THIS IS ME ?? I’m a 33 week pregnant extremely uncomfortable woman, one with furry teeth, I have a bikini line that I haven’t seen for over a month assumably in desperate need of a good wax and owner to a smell of sweat that I can’t quite figure out where it’s coming from. This is me in all my swollen-cankles glory. This is me doing my third load of washing wearing a bathers top & undies around the house because who needs clothes inside when you’re pregnant. This is what Jaryd deals with on a daily basis and is somehow still trying to bang me every single day. Please don’t say ‘I wish I looked like you’ because whilst I should take that as a compliment and I am grateful for your kindness, every person’s body is different, everyone’s pregnancy is different, and the LAST thing I ever want to seem like I am is the person who makes everything look OK all the time. We all know that’s bullshit, true? ??EDIT: Me glammed up and going out is still “real”. It’s still the person I love being and the person that I am… I’m just saying that’s not me everyday.

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