Love Real Beauty | The Most Underrated Makeup Item
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The Most Underrated Makeup Item



What’s the most underrated and valuable part of your makeup?  No, it’s not great foundation.  No, it’s not a certain color that can only be had by spending exorbitant amounts of money.  And, no, it’s not an organic scrub that leaves your face in a state of bliss and ready for any beauty routine, light or heavy.

It’s the bland, underappreciated, un-loved, shoved in a drawer and thrown around the sink, brush.  Yes, that’s right, it’s that brush of yours that does all of the hard work.  Sure, there are times when fingers, nails and direct application is called for to the ire of your trusty brushes.  However, let’s face it (no put intended), without your best and favorite makeup brushes makeup is not only smudgy but intently harder to apply.  The simple brush!  We love our brushes!

Here’s the key to a great brush.  It helps your makeup and cosmetics routine go unnoticed – it makes your application natural looking, evenly applied and perfectly blended.  When you walk into a crowd, a dinner, or even a spotlight, your routine is solid.  That’s the work of those trusty brushes that you threw down on the sink in a huff on your way out the door.

Some great brushes that we like include:

Professional grade:

Kevyn Aucoin, The Essential Brush Collection

For the rest of us:

Smashbox, Shapematters Brush Set

Sephora Collection, Desert Sky Brush Wrap


Top picture from Giovanna Baldini