Hollywood’s awards season is upon us. Is red carpet glamour easy? Not so much.

Emma Stone getting ready for the #goldenglobes with my lip masks ? @kncbeauty regram @teenvogue #kncbeauty

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Emma Stone, Kristen Bell, and Maisie Williams get honest about red carpet beauty (Vanity Fair)

Why it’s important: Because #wokeupthisway is the best reality show. Lip masks, seriously! Red carpet beauty secrets used to be closely guarded by Hollywood stylists and aestheticians. But actors and celebrities are now sharing honest IRL credit for the treatments, products, cost, and team required to pull off an “effortless” red carpet look. Q-switch laser treatments, hours spent in sheet masks, yards of fashion tape, hidden lifting devices…it all makes the 30-second free fix of FaceTune and VSCO look pretty good, right?

Solange by Beyoncé (Interview Magazine)

Why it’s important: Epic. Iconic. Honest. Empowering. It’s just…everything. Solange shares stories of growing up, inspiration, styling choices, Real Housewives of Atlanta, and leadership with big sister Beyoncé. Two very private women let us hang out in their living room for the afternoon and it’s glorious.

Dove’s eponymous beauty bar celebrates 60 years (Time / Motto)

Why it’s important: Dove launched the #raisethebeautybar campaign to celebrate 60 years of dermatologist-recommended, soap-free focus on healthy skin. Dove’s Campaign for Real Beauty, launched 12 years ago, put a massive amount of advertising dollars behind what was a risky proposition: letting real women shine. The Dove brand has been a leader in creating a new conversation around women’s beauty and self-image. It’s rare that Big Beauty paves the way, but the Real Beauty campaign threw open the door for women to demand the personalized products being delivered now by our favorite start-ups.

Demi Lovato, The Band Perry, and Jake Owen partner with BeautyKind (Cosmetics Business)

Why it’s important: BeautyKind is a new-ish online cosmetics retailer that gives you the power to direct 5% of your purchase to a charity of your choice. They’re now going a step further by organizing a benefit concert on March 25 with headliners Demi Lovato, The Band Perry, and Jake Owen. BeautyKind hopes to raise up to US$3 million, which will be directed to hundreds of charities. You get to choose the charity when you buy your ticket. We love the beauty industry trend of doing well by doing good!

Kiehl’s wants you to be your glowing, best self (WWD)

Why it’s important: Another large company recognizes that good skincare doesn’t require chemicals. Estée Lauder’s Kiehl’s brand has launched Pure Vitality products, which focus on ingredients that you can recognize. The product focuses on the short-term health effect of glowing skin, with a longer-term anti-aging benefit. More options for your personal regime.

Take the plunge: try jamsu, a cold-water setting trick (Self)

Why it’s important: So, it’s the dead of winter and your face is getting plenty of cold blasts. But here’s a useful one. K-beauty brings us this shocking but effective technique for setting your makeup: plunging your fully made-up face into icy cold water for 30 seconds. It actually works and it reduces your overall cosmetic footprint. Added bonus: that morning blast of cold water will save you a fortune on coffees.

Naturally Perfect Dolls reflect your own image (Teen Vogue)

Why it’s important: ICYMI, Teen Vogue has become a leading editorial voice in global issues of beauty, politics, and women’s rights. Their straightforward reporting style is worth a read at any age. Teen Vogue reports on Naturally Perfect Dolls, which you may recognize from ABC’s Shark Tank. The dolls have natural hair and a wide variety of skin tones and facial structures. The company’s goal is to help every girl see her #realbeauty, a mission we support 100%!

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