It’s been a serious week. Beauty wasn’t necessarily at the top of the list. But we need creativity and self-expression more than ever. Let the runways, inauguration events, new beauty ventures inspired by you, and lots of glitter help you recharge.


4 million people gather together globally in peace and solidarity (Instagram)

Why it’s important: Because #strongisbeautiful. How often can you agree with four girlfriends, let alone 4 million in 673 cities on seven continents? Never underestimate the power of your voice and your actions.

Beauty Pie says $24 mascara should be $3 (Bustle)

Why it’s important: Who doesn’t want a great deal? Marcia Kilgore changed our lives with Bliss, FitFlop, and Soap and Glory. Now she’s decided that we deserve department store-quality makeup at 99 Cent Store prices. Beauty Pie memberships cost $10 per month and give you access to $24 mascara for just $3, with radical transparency on exactly how much it cost to make the product. Now we can afford to throw out our mascaras every three months!

We’re going to need more orange glitter (Harper’s Bazaar)

Why it’s important: Sometimes, you just need to enjoy some creativity from the world’s leading MUAs. Spring 2017 fashion weeks give us a look into new trends, like wrapping your face in silly string and applying tiny foil stars as freckles. Okay, so it might not be worthy of the office, but a little sparkle foil can make Friday night wine and Netflix into a selfie-worthy experience.

Nordstrom puts natural and organic beauty destinations into 46 stores (Forbes)

Why it’s important: We’re not just buying cosmetics, we’re voting with our wallets. Nordstrom has been listening and will be sourcing brands that are free of industrial chemicals like phthalates, parabens, and sulfates. In 46 U.S. stores, they are creating a Naturals area only stocked with organics, naturals, and -free brands. They’ll also add new tools to to help you filter results to make your own Naturals bar.

Miss Universe Canada admits that it’s hard to be healthy and pageant-sized (PerezHilton)

Why it’s important: To win Miss Universe Canada, Siera Bearchell ate only chicken and asparagus and felt miserable. After pageant officials asked her to cut even more weight for the global competition, she decided to say no way. She’s taking on body shaming and has committed to competing at whatever healthy weight works for her, Doritos and all. Support her with a little Instagram love!

It takes 46 hours to make the facial product that FLOTUS Melania Trump used for the inauguration (DailyMail UK)

Why it’s important: We love power beauty. But let’s be real: we can’t even dream of using the $450 facial water that the new First Lady’s MUA concocted for her. The people we see on TV get some serious help and this article takes you behind the scenes for a dose of reality. Happily, the Urban Decay products mentioned are much more accessible!

It takes not anywhere near 46 hours to do a splash mask (Allure)

Why it’s important: When’s the last time you read about a beauty trend that was “easy AF?” Never. Do you wash your face? Do you have 20 seconds? Can you splash water? Ta-da! You just got your morning back. (Or 10 minutes to apply your foil freckles.) Splash masks aka patting masks are a K-beauty trend we can totally endorse. Splash it up and get on to enjoying your weekend.


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