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@makeupshayla owns the headwrap look (Instagram)

Why important/interesting: a super-hot runway trend! Head wraps are a great shortcut to getting out the door fabulously when you can’t hide under a hat. Rub some dry shampoo into your roots, wrap them up in a print scarf, and you’re on trend. 

The case for eyelash extensions as a life hack (Jet)

Why important/interesting: believe it or not, eyelash extensions can be a brilliant life hack. Consider them if you have thin or light-colored lashes, sensitive eyes, hate mascara, wear contact lenses, or just like to look poppin’ out of bed every morning. Eyelash extensions plus Glossier Cloud Paint and you’re out the door.

Instagram selfies have become supportive therapy for depression and body image issues (Yahoo!)

Why important/interesting: up to this point, most studies on social media have suggested that posting selfies can make us feel more depressed and alienated. This new study from Drexel University reveals that women are using #GymSelfie and #nomakeup to share deeper issues of body image, depression, and eating disorders. Their Instagram community is seen as a safe space to express emotions and ask for help and support. Read the posts that go with the pictures. You’ll find hundreds of women that you can support with a kind word.

What kind of money can you make with Avon, Mary Kay, or Rodin + Fields? (Bloomberg)

Why important/interesting: if you’re looking for a beauty side hustle, read this article on how multi-level marketing works. The flexibility and low start-up costs are enticing, but very few people actually make money. If you’re determined to try, though, this article is a playbook for how to build the right social following and find success.

Shiseido’s Buxom influencer campaign #bandofbabes (WWD)

Why important/interesting: we’ll be watching this campaign to see how women respond to Buxom’s call to self-categorize as “babes.” Is that term retro or evolved and empowered? Buxom thinks it’s the latter. They’ve generously offered to help “feminine sexy” women who want to find their social media tribe. If you want to be part of a #bandofbabes, jump on this hashtag campaign. 

Vlogger Shalom Black on how makeup helped her accept her visible scars (Glamour)

Why important/interesting: vlogger Shalom Black shares her very personal journey about how she accepted the burn scars on her face that resulted from a cooking oil accident when she was nine. In this story, she talks about how makeup first gave her confidence and helped her stand up to bullies, then led her to accept and love herself.

The Masters of the Cosmetics Universe just had their annual meeting in Florida (WWD)

Why important/interesting: cosmetic executives have their own industry group, the Personal Care Products Council. The PCPC is a quiet lobbying operation headed by Big Beauty (and mostly, by women). This group is important because the FDA listens to them when regulating cosmetics ingredients and standards. Assuming that the FDA exists next week, the PCPC has encouraged the US to ban five harmful chemical ingredients. The FDA has only banned nine ingredients ever, so adding five more would be a massive step forward.   

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