Welcome to this week’s roundup of 7 beauty stories that deserve some extra love.

LA MUA Vlada Haggerty creates incredible lip art (Instagram)

Why it’s important: talk about your fun ways to get more STEM education! This tumbling 3D block design made entirely of commercial lipsticks is astounding. @vladamua continues to awe and inspire with her incredible makeup artistry using cosmetics, gems, and sequins.

In our quest to bring you brow solutions, welcome the Eyebrow Wig (Popsugar)

Why it’s important: we’ve covered microblading, filling, and regrowth solutions to give you great brows. But why go through all that when you can stick on some all-new brows? Originally designed for women with alopecia or who were undergoing chemotherapy, brow wigs are tiny versions of the ones for your head. You put them over your existing brows, and zoom, brow magic. One set costs $95 and can last up to six months of daily wear.

11-year-old cuts off her hair to help her little sister stand up to bullying (Popsugar)

Why it’s important: our beauty choices can also be our platform and our message. When 11-year-old Sara learned that her little sister was being bullied by boys for her short haircut, Sara marched to her stylist and demanded a very short, very standout chop of her long hair. Take Sara’s cue and make a bold stand for someone or something that you love.

Want to be one of Forbes’ Richest Self-Made Women? Start a beauty line. (Forbes)

Why it’s important: the trend toward “real beauty” has not diminished women’s enthusiasm for cosmetic products. Women globally spend billions of dollars annually on cosmetic products ranging from preventative to the outrageous. Instead, women are being more thoughtful and open about what we use and why. Beauty continues to be a lucrative, woman-friendly business opportunity with low barriers to entry.

Yellow blush gives you that just-picked-a-dandelion glow all day long (Marie Claire)

Why it’s important: until we can have Rihanna’s LVMH makeup line, we can at least have her 2017 Met Gala look. The latest trend is to use the “draping” technique used on RiRi — highly pigmented color along the natural contours of your face — to put a big ol’ chunk of yellow blush on your cheeks. Tell us, do you find this coloring technique to be yellow delicious or Big Bird?

Were Dove’s oddly-shaped bottles a fail or a massive win? (Ad Age)

Why it’s important: get ready to see more oddly-shaped bottles on your drugstore shelves. Last week, Dove’s “real body” bottles were panned and mocked across the internet. But 41% of potential buyers said it improved their view of the Dove brand and 71% said it made them more likely to buy a Dove product. Those kinds of intent numbers are outrageous in beauty advertising. Clearly, Dove’s agency did something right.

Science proves “beauty sleep” is an actual thing (BBC News)

Why it’s important: sleep really does make us more attractive to others. Swedish researchers assigned students to sleep deprivation, then asked people on the streets of Stockholm to evaluate how likely they were to interact with those students based on photos. The result was that uneven skin and bags under the eyes made people not want to interact with those students. So, if you have a big business meeting or an important life event, it’s extra-important to get a good night’s sleep.

Have an amazing week!


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