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Cara Delevingne’s beauty challenge: give up both hair and makeup (Instagram)

Why it’s important: Cara Delevingne has long been an outspoken advocate for real beauty. Her signature brows moved millions of women to stop plucking and start growing. Now, she’s challenging us to throw off our attachment to hair and makeup as conventions of beauty. “Its exhausting to be told what beauty should look like….Wipe Off the make up, cut off the hair.” Have even our beauty icons had enough? Worth a follow to see where Ms. Cara takes this beauty story.

Better have her money: Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty is coming soon (WWD)

Why it’s important: RiRi would never do beige. LVMH and Rihanna are developing a signature cosmetics line together that promises to end your cries of “Where Have You Been” to a foundation match. And for her part, Ms. Fenty’s certain to add to her “Run This Town” bank account. This article notes that Rihanna sold an incredible $46,000 of signature fragrance during a brief personal appearance at a Brooklyn Macy’s. So “Work,” ladies, because RiRi’s gonna grab you by the pocketbook this summer.

A Met Gala beauty prep trick that you can actually use (Allure)

Why it’s important: a tip that’s actually accessible and doesn’t involve tiny carnivorous fish or vampire blood. It’s a little Bond villain-esque, though: a sheet mask made of gold. In addition to looking amazing on Instagram, gold sheet masks reduce inflammation and redness. For the cost of a couple of fully-loaded unicorn Frappuccinos, you can glow like Halle Berry at golden hour. MUA friend of LRB Trendee King swears by this one from The Detoskin for softening fine lines and giving a bridal-worthy glow.

Amazon’s Echo Look wants to be your always-on stylist (Washington Post)

Why it’s important: the rise of the machines includes making sure your socks match. Amazon has released a new app for Alexa called Echo Look. In the app, ask, “Alexa, take a picture,” and you will get a full-length, high quality photo. Store outfits and have them analyzed by professionals, who can make recommendations for clothes you might want to buy on Amazon Fashion. Or, post those stunning unobstructed selfies, no mirror required. It’s not a big leap to seeing a more direct beauty use for this app: photograph your face and get cosmetics delivered to your door in under two hours.

Brigitte Trogneaux demonstrates how much women over 40 give no effs (Fortune)

Why it’s important: the next First Lady of France could be 64-year-old former teacher Brigitte Trogneaux. She and her husband span the same age difference as President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania, but Brigitte is the older spouse. She met Emmanuel Macron, now a 39-year-old candidate for the French presidency, when she was his high school teacher. Admirably, they have lived their public life together without regard to obvious criticisms, and clearly value and support one another. Here’s to hoping for all kinds of entertaining photos from Brigitte and German First Gent Joachim Sauer.

Some surprising and not-so-surprising findings on female athletes and body image (ESPNW)

Why it’s important: even highly-toned elite athletes can struggle with body image issues. 68% of college athletes surveyed said they feel pressure to be seen as “pretty,” and 48% wear makeup when they compete. 35% said they have at least one teammate with an eating disorder. On the more uplifting side, this series of four articles includes a delightful photo essay that asks female athletes aged 22-40, like boxer Claressa Shields and softball legend Jenny Finch, to choose and profile their favorite muscles.

Changed sizes? This brand lets you swap your clothes (Racked)

Why it’s important: you went shopping after a stomach flu and got super-excited that, booyah, you fit in a size 12! And now that clothing is hanging in the closet, reminding you that your daily life is not a Devil Wears Prada existence of cubes of cheese and cold medication. Universal Standard feels your pain. Whether your weight goes up or down, the brand wants you to have clothes that fit and flatter you. They’ve just established a program that gives you up to a year to swap a piece in their core collection due to a weight fluctuation. Returned clothing is donated to charity. So enjoy that cheese cube, knowing that it’s totally normal for your weight to float in a range.


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