The bottom line: when you purchase the Real Techniques Powder Brush, you get a lot of brush, with a lot of utility for, a very reasonable price.  Straight up, flat out, this makeup brush is a good deal!

One of the best ways to use the Real Techniques Powder Brush is with packed or loose powder to set concealer and foundation.  This brush grabs the product up perfectly and is soft and fluffy.  It easily bounces over the contours of a face and really gets into the nooks and crannies that tend to make many concealers crease.  The real value however is in time savings.  Using the Real Techniques Powder Brush decreases the likelihood of second applications (if that’s your thing….!) later in the day.

Another great way to use the Real Techniques Powder Brush is for lightly bronzing the whole face with a powder bronzer.  In summer months, faces tend to get a lot of sunscreen while arms and legs are frequently forgotten.  The resultant stripe-y summer skin tone, often generously called an “uneven tan” can be rectified with a powder bronzer to the face.  The Real Techniques Powder Brush is perfect for the trick.  It’s light and fluffy enough that it doesn’t pick up too much product and can easily blend out the bronzer to give your skin that extra sunkissed glow.

Real Techniques is a brand that keeps surprising with their expanded product line and quality.  The Powder Brush is no exception to this overall brand momentum.  For many women, the Real Techniques Powder Brush has become a staple in their makeup brush collection – used everyday!


The Real Techniques Powder Brush can be purchased from the company HERE.

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