Meet Sydney and Devon, founders of Wildflower Cases

We loved meeting two emerging Los Angeles entrepreneurs, Devon and Sydney Carlson, for our newest Real Beauties profile. Sisters Devon and Sydney, along with their mom Michelle, founded Wildflower Cases, a company that designs and produces fashion-forward, limited edition iPhone cases.

Wildflower Cases started in 2012, when Michelle crafted custom cases for Devon and Sydney’s iPhone 4s. As fate would have it, Devon and Sydney were in line for the bathroom at a restaurant when they saw Miley Cyrus. Devon asked Miley for a selfie, and Miley went crazy for her phone case. One tweet from Miley later and the then-high school students were flooded with purchase requests. Within one day, the whole family pitched in to set up a web site and start taking orders.

Four years later, Wildflower Cases are available at shops globally and online.  Read more about their founder journey in this interview on Free People blog and check out their designs on Instagram.

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