It’s Tuesday – time for a new LoveRealBeauty Product of the Week!  Remember, all profits from these products go to our highlighted charity, Girls Not Brides.

It’s that time of the year again.  No, not the awards season, although surely some of you are getting ready for a red carpet or two.  It’s winter!  Whether you’re with us in New York City or Los Angeles or somewhere in between, winter has always meant dry skin.  It has particularly meant dry lips.  Therefore, it is uber-important to take care of your kissers right now.  Sara Happ is dedicated to making good lips into great lips.  Her products are solely focused on lips – making them healthy, shiny, and beautiful.  The lip slip, by Sara Happ, is our Product of the Week.  The lip slip hydrates, heals and leaves your lips baby-smooth while covering them with a lovely shine.

Look beautiful with beautiful lips and do good at the same time!  When you buy the lip slip by Sara Happ through we will donate any and all profits to Girls Not Brides.


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