OK, so you can’t wear crazy multi-color nails to your executive job.  Maybe, it’s not that “you can’t,” but it’s more about gently peeling back the boundaries on fashion and beauty. You’re not really one to walk in with caked on unicorn / cloud highlighter and disco nails. That would invite all sorts of stupid commentary even though it would be kind of awesome.  We get it.  You’re an adult, climbing that corporate ladder.

But even executives want to have some fun.  Since circa 2013 when multi-color nails started to be a thing, you’ve resisted.  Admit it, your nail choices have been strictly “classic.”  Red, dark red, white, pale white, deep red.  Party on lady!  There is no sense in arguing that classic is not best.  It is.  Classic nail colors with curated fashion sense are de rigueur for a reason in the executive suite.  That suite is yours one day!

Without wearing a multi-color nails pattern that will make the CEO to notice (or induce an LSD flashback like some nail stickers and colors are want to do), you can wear multi-color nails.

How about something like this?

Yeah, that works.  Can we call something like this “classic multi-color nails?”  Maybe. Now go and rule the world with your moderately funky nails!

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