Michelle Obama has some of the best makeup on the face…, well, on the face of the earth!  Period.  She’s got great makeup.  But, there’s a secret involved!

A recently popular social media slogan is “behind every successful woman is a tribe of other successful women who have her back.”  That’s mostly true!  Except, in this instance, the person who has the first lady’s back is a man named Carl Ray.

Who’s Carl Ray?  According to today’s Washington Post article, Mr. Ray is Mrs. Obama’s favorite makeup artist (#MUA or just #makeupartist).  The Post says “behind every Instagrammed gush about first lady Michelle Obama’s fashion-forward looks, there’s a glam squad.  Washington-based makeup artist Carl Ray is on the team.  He’s the guy who wields the glosses and highlighters to make the ‘grammers swoon.

What a privilege!  To make Mrs. Obama even more beautiful than she already, naturally, is.  No matter your personal politics, we think it’s pretty easy to see that the first lady has tremendous fashion and beauty sense and has brought a level of grace to the White House over the past eight years.  No doubt Carl Ray has had a small role in that.

Want proof?  Here’s what Carl Ray says about Michelle Obama and her makeup choices: “She’s just super authentic to herself.  Her look is positive and very polished.”  Wow!  Without being flippant, we have to say, that’s awesome.  Seriously awesome.

Want further proof that even when someone as beautiful as Michelle Obama puts on makeup, it can be an empowering thing?  Carl Ray has another great quote about that.  He says “Makeup seems to be very relevant in our society, and there’s a comfort with that more than there used to be.  It’s a way to express yourself, and it’s a way to present yourself.  It’s a feel-good thing – if you look good, you feel good.”

That quote above, in some sense, expresses the ethos of LoveRealBeauty.  We ardently believe in promoting the democratization of the cosmetic, makeup and personal care products industry.  Our motto is “beauty recognized is beauty empowered.”  When you wear makeup your own way, it can be very empowering – whether it is applied by a professional like Carl Ray, or you are more comfortable with a modified #nomakeup approach, it can be positive.  So long as it’s your choice and you feel good about it.  That’s recognizing your own beauty and that’s empowering.

As for the first lady, we’ll just leave you with the below.  Empowering.  Positive.  Beautiful.



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