“AW Beauty” is Ashley Wheeler.  Ashley Wheeler is AW Beauty.  She’s a US-based makeup artist and all around beauty expert.  This is her makeup story.  This is her relationship with makeup.


When I was 9 years old and away at camp, I snuck one of my mother’s lipsticks into my overnight bag.  We had a dance the last night of camp and everybody was so impressed with how well I put on my lipstick.  Girls lined up and I applied lipstick to each and every one of them.  As I grew, up my fascination with makeup and how it can transform, and make people feel beautiful stuck with me.


I took many turns on my road to becoming a makeup artist.  I was working as a dialysis technician when I decided the film industry is really where I wanted to be.  My mother worked on a Mel Gibson movie “The Man Without A Face.”  Ever since then, I was fascinated with the entertainment industry.  Living in South Carolina, I learned that several TV shows and films were being filmed in nearby Atlanta. I starting taking trips to watch The Vampire Diaries and The Originals shooting in Atalanta and had the pleasure of speaking with the lead Makeup Artist for The Originals, Elizabeth Fry.  This meeting made me feel even more strongly about becoming a makeup artist.


Kat Von D was my first makeup hero and the first expensive makeup pallet I ever purchased was her Monarch pallet.  Now I follow Desi Perkins and Kandee Johnson.  I’m slightly obsessed with both of them.  Currently I’ve noticed alot of people are draping which comes after the huge contouring trend.  I’m waiting for people to start ombreing the cheeks. Why not?


My personal definition of beauty is confidence and kindness.  Without confidence and kindness beauty is really only skin deep.  Beauty products help to just bring out the inner confidence and beauty.  If I had to choose between black lipstick and glitter, I would choose black lipstick because I find dark colors sexy and mysterious.


The worst makeup experience I’ve had was trying to find the best foundation formula that worked for me.  I bought airbrush, Nars, Sephora, and many other brands.  However, I hadn’t first understood my own skin type and I kept choosing formulas that just didn’t work with my skin.  They all looked very cake-y.  A good skin care routine is a must.  I use a face mask, toner, moisturizer, and most days a primer.


I’m currently finishing cosmetology school and  I do makeup based on people who contact me, and for events and clients at my school.  I’m also looking for student films currently to build my portfolio.


AW Beauty can be contacted via Instagram at @a.w.beauty 

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