Love Real Beauty | Lips
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Ahh…, the lips. They have it. They always do and always did. Lips! Lips are a functional thing of beauty. They don’t care whether the weather, whether the time, whether the occasion, or any other such triviality. They care to be seen, highlighted or sometimes even hidden. Yes, that is a contradiction, but one that is true.

By proximity to what they can do, lips have taken on an air of temporal arrogance. They know they rule your face and know, in this day of plumpness and keen fixations, that they have their own personality. The question as to whether you want to give your lips a neon, “hey look at me,” type of treatment is your own to answer.

So we query this – how can something (the lips) so elemental to every beauty, be so ignored for the rather pedestrian cheeks, problematic and uncooperative eyes, and the uber-diva hair? We think we are going to be seeing a lot of beautiful, differentiated and non-plastic-plumped lips in the near future. We like it. No we love it. We love lips!

Love Real Beauty
Picture by “dollen”