Love Real Beauty | Kim Goes #nomakeup !!!
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Kim Goes #nomakeup !!!

OMG, the worm has turned…!  The queen of “social fashion” and heretofore heavily covered in makeup, Kim Kardashian, has done it.  She’s followed Alicia Keys‘ lead and gone makeup free to a public event!  That’s right, Kim Kardashian, the leader of the flawlessly and heavily makeup-ed Kardashian clan, attended the Balenciaga fashion show in Paris (apparently) without so much as a simple smudge of makeup.

This pun is intended: hard to make it up!

Our reaction at LoveRealBeauty?  We love it!  We love a great story about makeup, cosmetics, and beauty products.  We love the fact that Kim is coming out of her makeup shell.  I mean, the woman is beautiful.  Whatever you think of her personality, the reality show, the Kanye relationship – the media personality of “Kim” – one thing is pretty clear.  Even without any makeup on, Kim is a beautiful woman.

We hope to see Kim doing #nomakeup again soon.  It shows courage, versatility and imagination.  Yes, there are times when makeup is desired and the norm.  And, there are times when no makeup is just fine – even for Kim Kardashian.  Even for you?


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Photo Credit: Bertrand Rindoff Petroff/Getty Images