It’s launch day for an all-new beta site! We have a new logo, a new look, and stronger spotlight on Real Beauties and the products they love. We’ve added ten all-new Real Beauty Profiles with product links. Each week, we will post two new video and photo profiles, along with perspectives and guest blogs.

The LoveRealBeauty site is still in beta, which means we need your honest feedback, good or bad. We’ve added new features like Product of the Week, our highlighted charity Girls Not Brides, and updated product links.

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Every day, we see hundreds of beautiful women. They do a great job of taking care of themselves, yet they may not feel “beautiful.” Unfortunately, the cosmetics and personal care industries have ignored these Real Beauties in favor of promoting “model looks” conforming to specific tones, shapes, and measurements.  LoveRealBeauty is a platform to push back against these narrow definitions of beauty.

Our mission at LoveRealBeauty will only be complete when we democratize the cosmetics and personal care products industry in an organic, genuine, and meaningful way.  Women own the definition of their own beauty. It’s time to take back “beauty” from advertisers, Hollywood, and pixel-wielding airbrushers.

LoveRealBeauty was created to recognize and empower your beauty. You are beautiful!

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LoveRealBeauty is a forum for real women to recognize and take power over their own vision of beauty.


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