As we celebrate International Women’s Day #IWD, we also want to give a quick shout out to the amazing and empowering women that we have interviewed for our interview series called “Interview With A Successful Woman.”  Please see the links and snippets of those interviews, below.  We hope you will find these stories meaningful as they are intended to help define the concept of “beauty” in an individualistic and strong way.  We hope to tell many more Beauty Stories and hope you’ll #BeBoldForChange!

Dayanne Costa’s Beauty Story

Dayanne’s story starts in her native country of Brazil.  After graduating from college she moved to America for work, not knowing anyone or even speaking a basic level of English.  After years of putting one step in front of another, she has been rewarded for all of her hard work.  Now Dayanne is a top-producing real estate broker in Manhattan where she specializes in the sale of townhouses with Compass.

Nathalie Marchand’s Beauty Story

“As far as my beauty icons, there are many beautiful women who could be named, but a woman who also works to improve the world around her is an icon to be emulated.  Audrey Hepburn survived World War II and the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands, just as my family did, and then went on to have a successful career both on screen and as a humanitarian, working for UNICEF.  Very inspiring, and she was distinctively beautiful.  My sister, Yvonne, may be the most beautiful of all.  She is the person I look to for beauty advice, and I love shopping for makeup with her!”

Julie Xander’s Beauty Story

“As I started to experiment with makeup, I noticed that wearing certain products made me look better.  They made me look more refreshed.  Even today, if I’m having a crappy day, I’ll put on a little makeup and it brightens me up a bit.  It’s not a mask, but a way to alter your inside through your outside looks.”

Lizzie Cundy’s Beauty Story

“Growing up, I got into makeup and the concept of beauty relatively early.  I loved the TV series Charlie’s Angels.  My father was a director at the advertising and media group Saatchi & Saatchi and as part of his job he took me along to a Charlie’s Angels shoot.  I got to see and meet Jaclyn Smith and thought “wow!”  I saw her being transformed on the set through her makeup and I wanted to embrace that idea right then and there.”

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