I started LoveRealBeauty because I passionately believe that beauty is all around us and it does NOT come in one standardized look.  I think that real, unique, individual beauty deserves a much brighter spotlight.  Therefore, LoveRealBeauty was founded to recognize beauty and to empower that beauty.

I know very little about makeup, cosmetics, beauty or the female-centric personal care industry.  By “very little,” I mean virtually nothing.  Yet, I know for a fact that beauty – human, female, real beauty – is all around me.  Deep down inside, I am 100% certain that beauty is not standardized, one-sized, or preordained.  Nor can beauty be normalized in a commercial way.

Over the past several years, I have observed huge societal pressures on women to look certain ways – to use beauty products to look like the picture at hand.  Pick up any fashion magazine and you’ll know what I mean.  I see a confusing situation where the beauty industry, as part of their marketing effort, exhorts women to “be themselves” yet peddles products that help women conform to a certain look or beauty standard.  I think that’s wrong as it attempts to conform individual beauty.

I have two beautiful young daughters.  I never (ever!) want them to have to question if they are “beautiful enough.”  I want them to know that their own unique beauty, from head to toe, from inside to outside, is what matters.  I want them to know that their real beauty will always shine through, no matter how much, how little, what type or color, brand or look of makeup they chose to wear.  I want all our readers to know that too.  I want you to know it – that you are beautiful as yourself.  Wear makeup your own way.  That’s why I started LoveRealBeauty.  Because you are beautiful! 


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LoveRealBeauty is a forum for real women to recognize and take power over their own vision of beauty.


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