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While half of the week was dominated by Oscars red carpet looks, beauty carried on around the world. Milan, Paris, and London hosted fashion weeks and the looks posted across Instagram were en fuego.

Maison Margiela goes Rainbow Brite (Glamour UK, @patmcgrath Instagram)

Why it’s important: This Pat McGrath look is definitely pro-level, but wow, is it cool, and it pops on every skin tone. It’s the best of Rainbow Brite, Operation (it takes a steady hand!) and manga. This incredible artistry requires a lot of colors but we think women of all ages should go for it and express their inner Magical Girl. If you try it, tag us in your Instagram photos @loverealbeauty1!


NYC’s CAP Beauty curates the best in holistic skincare and makeup (Stylecaster)

Why it’s important: No time to find the best holistic products? Castor & Pollux founder Cindy DiPrima realized that her kids were ingesting all kinds of yucky chemicals when they kissed her face, but those chemicals didn’t improve her skin. She and her partner decided to curate a shop with the best holistic skincare products with a few choices across price points. The linked article has five recommendations, but you can also browse their NYC shop or web site.


Seattle-area mom teaches her daughter about Black history and civil rights by recreating iconic women’s photos (Seattle Times)

Why it’s important: Whether we think about it or not, every moment, we’re teaching someone about who they are and how to be. Mom Cristi Jones was faced with some challenging questions when her 5-year-old, Lola, came home from kindergarten with questions about Martin Luther King, Jr. Cristi turned her lessons into a dress-up history project. Together, they recreated iconic photos of Black women leaders while sharing difficult truths in a way that Lola could understand. The results are truly beautiful and may inspire you to do your own Amazing Women photo series.


Are we ready for a post-contour world? Mrs. West’s personal makeup artists tells all (People)

Why it’s important: Kim Kardashian West in natural hair, crazy eyebrows, and (gasp!) exposed pores?! Get ready for it. Her personal MUA @makeupbymario is scaling back the original contour queen’s day-to-day public face for a more natural look, and encouraging Instagram goddesses to do the same, echoing Huda Kattan’s rallying cry to her own followers. As a bonus, this article includes a video of People’s beauty editor trying Alicia Keys’ #nomakeup regimen.


43-year-old Eva Herzigova shows Kendall Jenner how it’s done at Bottega Veneta (Daily Mail UK)

Why it’s important: It’s a walkoff! No, not really. But Eva showed why age doesn’t come before beauty. She’s a philanthropist, entrepreneur, mom, and…a seasoned professional. Yes, she’s naturally gifted in her bone structure, but she’s outlasted the likes of Giselle as a runway regular and books as much editorial work as ever. Just like you, Eva works hard and makes it work – more reasons why Gen X women are taking over the world.


Glamsquad puts actual #NYFW professionals into your home (New York Observer)

Why it’s important: #MUAs gotta hustle, too! Designers have realized they can skip Big Beauty and work with smaller product brands by booking their own a brigade of hair and makeup talent. Who do they call? Glamsquad. And that means you can book the same MUAs and stylists that Glamsquad sent to NYFW through their app, right into your home.


Help our MUA friend Trendee King find Theo @babybeard (People Pets)

Why it’s important: If you live in the San Jose area, you almost certainly have seen yellow posters of Theo, the Brussels griffon known on Instagram as @babybeard, and now the story is hitting national news. What you may not know is that this story is personally important to Team LRB. Trendee King is our founder Jill’s go-to MUA and Trendee’s favorite products inspired many of our early posts. Trendee and her fiancé have put their wedding plan on hold until they find Theo. If you have love for fur kids and MUAs in your heart, send a kind thought to Trendee and her fiancé and click below to share one of her posts with your network. #bringTheohome


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