Lane Bryant says let’s be real: every adult woman has stretch marks (Self + Instagram above)

Why it’s important: a major retailer stops photoshopping away a universal female truth. That’s a win.

Ethnic products targeted at African-Americans have some really dangerous chemicals (Mother Jones)

Why it’s important: hair care shouldn’t involve chemical burns. 1 in 12 ethnic products were found to be extremely hazardous. Check this list and clean out your cupboard.

And the FDA is being sued over keratin treatments (Popsugar Beauty)

Why it’s important: Brazilian blowouts are convenient and popular, but you have the right to be fully informed about side effects. You deserve the opportunity to decide whether a part of your beauty routine poses too much health risk.

Chronic Beauty features the beauty of women and girls with chronic and hidden illnesses (The Mighty)

Why it’s important: Because everybody’s got something, even if you can’t see it. Chronic Beauty reminds us to be compassionate about what’s on the inside.

A contestant in Miss Minnesota USA competes in a burkini (NPR)

Why it’s important: A Somali-American teenager decided to represent her state in a beauty pageant and completely owned it on her terms with a full-coverage evening gown and a burkini for the swimsuit competition.

Introvert? Here’s how to get beauty treatments on your own terms (Sydney Morning Herald)

Why it’s important: Whether you’re working with an aesthetician or your doctor, you’ll get better service and health results if you understand how to effectively communicate your needs while minimizing your stress.

Revolve launches a #RevolveBeauty with 45 boutique brands (Los Angeles Times by Women’s Wear Daily)

Why it’s important: Luxury online retailers continue to expand into beauty as a lucrative category, bringing attention to emerging brands and creating more marketing opportunities with influencers.



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