Bono has been given a Woman of the Year Award from Glamour Magazine.  Seems kind of ridiculous, right?  Last time we checked Bono was not a woman.  Rather, he is the legendary front MAN for Irish rock band U2.

The Glamour Women of the Year Awards are supposed to go to inspirational and empowering women.  These awards are very serious.  Recipients this year included Miuccia Prada, ISIS sex slavery survivor Nadia Murad and IMF Head Christine Lagarde.

But, Glamour gave Bono an award.  And, we think that’s great.  Here’s why.  Bono has been a champion of women’s rights for decades.  The guy is not shy about pounding the table for women’s rights and empowering women.  Kudos Mr. Paul David Hewson (aka “Bono”).

Upon accepting the award, Bono, had a fantastic speech.  He said “there is nowhere on Earth where women have the same opportunities as men, and unless we address this problem, both women and men together, our world will continue down this misogynistic, violent and impoverished path.”

Bono then talked a bit about the ONE Campaign and women’s rights.  He said “as the ONE Campaign that you hear about in the video with Sheryl Sandberg, says, poverty is sexist. Poverty is worse for women and girls. It denies them the essentials like human rights and health, but it also denies them a way out through education and opportunity. They can work the land, but they can’t own it. They can earn the money, but they can’t bank it.”

Those are pretty bleak words.  But, sometimes seeing the truth hurts.  And the truth is that a glass ceiling still exists.  Even in America, as Bono points out, women average eighty cents to a man’s one dollar of earnings for the same job.  The truth is that women are denied equal rights in MOST countries of the world.  There are 130 million school-aged girls not going to school.  The truth is that cultural relativism is used to excuse fundamentally terrible and brutal behavior towards and against women in MANY countries and societies.  Violence is against women is legally allowed in some societies and countries.

This can’t go on.  It is horrendous.

We give kudos to Glamour for recognizing Bono with this award.  And, we support Bono’s ongoing efforts to end sexism, violence, and all gender-related problems.  More than that, we applaud Bono’s efforts to keep these issues in at the forefront.  By using his star power to raise these issues he is doing a good work.

Bono is the Glamour Woman of the Year!  We are celebrating.


To view part of Bono’s acceptance speech click here.

To see Instagram pictures and videos from the Woman of the Year click here.

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