Well done @MACCosmetics!  What a buzz you have created around your #MACSelena product line celebrating the beautiful life of Selena Quintanilla-Pérez!   The line today outside of the MAC Cosmetics store at New York’s Grand Central Station was 200+ people (women and men) long at 8:00 a.m. this morning.

That can only mean something is scarce and highly desired.  And we are talking about real, emotional, deeply-ingrained, passion of the #BeautyEmpowered type.  The MAC Cosmetics Selena products are the most sought after makeup and cosmetic item in existence right now for the mass consumer.

On the spot, we quickly interviewed “Tamara” (see the video link above).  Here’s what she said:

LoveRealBeauty: “You guys are here for the MAC Selena offeimg_3212-1rings?

Tamara: “Yes!” (duh….!).

LoveRealBeauty: “and why’s it so awesome?” (again, duh…!).

Tamara: “BECAUSE IT’S SELENA!!!” (you nincompoop!”).

We interviewed a couple of additional LoveRealBeauties standing in this long line for the mere chance to get one or two Selena items.  Most expressed the same sentiment: Selena was more than just a singer.  She was a fashion icon and an entire movement sprung up around her.  She was the face of that movement and it is bringing impassioned fans and makeup lovers to the MAC store in droves!  We all recognize Selena’s beauty and by doing so we empower her legacy.

For all those standing in line, hope you got some Selena before it sold out!



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