Antje Waldschmidt is a model.  She literally travels around the world with photographers, stylists and makeup artists so that fashion brands can use the image of her beauty in their campaigns.  Is Antje a model?  NO!  She is not a model.  Rather, she is a published writer, with a degree in social justice and journalism, a world traveler, and someone who is photographed from time to time.  This is Antje’s Beauty Story!

For the past twelve years, I have worked as a model.  So beauty and makeup are an important part of my life.  I assume as it is for every girl, but as I earn my money with it, its even essential to me.  Beauty comes from the inside and outside.  It starts with eating healthy, doing sports, not stressing too much and being positive.  Makeup is there to underline your natural beauty, protect it and make you radiate.  So for me it´s a holistic concept to combine a healthy lifestyle with makeup that’s environmental friendly and makes me feel prettier.

I wear basic makeup to protect my skin and cover imperfections.  On a normal day I only wear moisturizer, mascara and lip balm.  That’s enough for the natural look and I feel comfortable with that routine. When I go out with friends, dinner or attend a casting, I wear more, e.g. rouge and lipstick.

I think to be truly healthy and in good shape is what I understand as beautiful.  In addition, I like more of a natural look.  I like to put on makeup but only to emphasize my natural beauty or cover imperfections, but not to completely change who I am or my look (sadly that´s what a lot of girls go for).

I think the makeup industry sells us a complete wrong image of the perfect beauty and that’s what a lot of girls strive for in the end.  They are insecure about themselves and compare themselves to the cover girls of beauty campaigns and magazines and become unhappy as they can´t get that look.  That makes them feel insecure about themselves and then they use too much makeup on themselves to hide that insecurity!  That´s very sad.  Even though I am a model, I don´t want to sell or create a fake look but rather show who I am.  Not perfect but happy.

I don´t really have a beauty icon but must admit that all those supermodels from the 1990’s who are now in their mid 40’s are doing a great job.  They still look amazing and when you see them you just think, WOW if they still look like this at 45, then I can do and look the same!  If they can do it, I can do it!

I think my grandmother is a “real beauty.”  She is 95 years old and has an amazing skin. Her secret is Nivea crème, as she says, using it every night, not drinking and not smoking. She also pats her face every night with a spoon and says that helps her skin to soak through. I don´t know if it´s true, but I must admit that she looks amazing for her age.  So why look far away if you can find the beauty secret in your family?!?!

If I could only wear one product, it would be something from Avene.  I really love Avene products.  I have very sensitive skin, but they use thermal water and whereas I react to other beauty products and my skin gets irritated, AVENE products always calm my skin down.

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