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How to become a beauty guru with Netflix’s “Beauty Bound” Asia (Bustle, Instagram)

Why it’s important: beauty is big business. SK-II has found a way to combine a reality show, the opportunity to build a brand, and entrepreneurial savvy into a Netflix show. Along the way, they feature some of Asia’s biggest beauty influencers. If you want to fast-track your own social media channel growth, consider this show a fun how-to.

CVS store makeover includes ban on unnecessary, harmful chemicals (Teen Vogue)

Why it’s important: we’ve reported before on the unnecessary and harmful chemicals in your personal care items, especially those on drugstore shelves. With the FDA dragging its feet on chemical bans, CVS has made its own move to get phthalates, parabens, and formaldehyde out of its store brand products beginning in 2019. Safe cosmetics should be available to everyone. it’s great to see a huge retailer taking a stand to encourage companies to self-regulate yucky stuff in low-cost products.

Are you overpaying for shampoo packaging? (Fast Company)

Why it’s important: are you paying for packaging or performance? Suave designed some Glossier knockoff packaging, sent “evaus” to beauty influencers, and proved that they love Suave in fancy packaging. If you’re not paying more for superior ingredients or performance, it may be worth reconsidering whether you can save some cash on your daily care products.

Michelle Phan is back in the cosmetics game after a year literally wandering the Earth (Racked)

Why it’s important: failure is a bruise, not a tattoo. Even the original YouTube beauty guru and self-care queen can feel depressed when a business deal goes south. After Phan’s Em beauty line with L’oreal fizzled, even amidst a $500 million valuation for Ipsy, she needed some time to think and regroup. Ms. Phan is back and ready to take on Colourpop and Ofra with her own version of Em Cosmetics, launched April 17.

Huda Kattan never left and she continues to kick butt (Forbes)

Why it’s important: Forbes has ranked top fitness and beauty influencers, categories dominated by women. Huda comes in #3 behind Zoe Sugg and Michelle Phan. Nikkie de Jager of the #nomakeup movement comes in at #4. It’s easy to forget that these women are fantastically successful entrepreneurs who built empires from sparkly dust and an internet connection.

Are we missing out on life and equal pay because we’re busy getting ready? (Pacific Standard)

Why it’s important: if you’re looking to change your life, start with what you to say to yourself in while getting ready each morning. Northwestern University professor Renee Engeln interviewed real girls and women to find out how news and social media portrayals of beauty impact them.

Her finding: we’re delaying life in big and small ways while we wait for good hair days and better self-image. The average woman owns 40 different cosmetic products and spends about 55 minutes getting ready each day, but it doesn’t make us any happier. Why? We spend much of our time in front of the mirror telling ourselves we’re not good enough.

By contrast, over 50% of men use zero products and spend less than 10 minutes. This book is a kick in the pants to find some hacks to drop that prep time to 25 minutes and spend 30 minutes focused on areas that improve your life and happiness.

The world’s most beautiful woman is super-careful in messaging beauty to her kids (People)

Why it’s important: one of my standout LRB moments is talking to a mom who had an a-ha moment when shopping with her daughter. While shopping for jeans, she said, “My butt looks terrible.” Her two-year-old daughter then repeated it about herself. For days. Fast forward to Julia Roberts, now named People’s Most Beautiful Woman five times over, understands that what she says about herself will become her children’s reality. Her focus: the common standard of smiles and hygiene for her sons and daughter. You, too, can be the most beautiful woman in the world with a big smile and a well-timed pre-bath mud fight.

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