Kate Moss Wears Charlotte Tilbury to Lip Sync Elvis

Why important/interesting: really? You have to ask?  Read the dang headline!  Someone with a very mischievous sense of humor decided to mix Kate Moss+Elvis+Lip Sync.  We admit it, it’s not all that important in the realm of things…, but cool?  Potential for darling Kate to have somewhere between several and many cocktails?  Amazing that the “cult of Kate” just doesn’t fade?  Yup, yup, yup.  Elvis would approve!  Nice makeup, by Charlotte Tilbury as well!

My Experience Wearing Makeup as a Man (Teen Vogue)

Why important/interesting: at first, the author expresses his shock at how different he looks wearing makeup and then his amazement at how GOOD he looks.  OK, so he establishes that makeup can make you look good, even if you’re a guy.  But, this article goes beyond that.  It talks about creating a space where we can all be ourselves and it criticizes “makeup shaming.”  The title of the article and the fact that a man is talking about wearing makeup is much less important that the crux: makeup is self-self expression, so let’s not pretend there is a “correct” way to wear it.

Helen Mirren Wants You to Ditch Makeup (Yahoo Beauty)

Why important/interesting: Helen Mirren, a bona fide, 71 year old movie star, says (…and we paraphrase…”) wouldn’t it be great if we could all be less obsessed with our looks and wear less makeup if at all?  Oh man, that’s really rich, Helen!  You’re a movie star that shows up on the red carpet wearing loads of makeup applied by a team of professionals.  You used to be sponsored by L’Oreal.  You pose #nomakeup in the latest Pirelli Calendar and you think we should all ditch our makeup?  Our motto is WEAR MAKEUP YOUR OWN WAY….  Helen, when you show up to next year’s Oscars #nomakeup then we will listen to you.  Good idea, wrong ambassador.

Makeup Artist Says You’d Be Surprised What’s In Your Makeup (Valley News)

Why important/interesting: we’ve been banging the drum about the fact that some makeup has a lot of really bad stuff in it.  In this article, a local makeup artist is interviewed and makes that same point.  Do you like to cover your body in aluminum or nitrates?  Do you know what’s in your lipstick?  Please read our post: WHAT’S IN YOUR COSMETICS (hint: sometimes it’s a bunch of really bad sh#t!).

FDA Aims to Limit Lead Levels In Lipstick, Other Cosmetics (Time Magazine)

Why important/interesting: finally (!!!), the FDA is taking on the issue of cosmetic ingredients (somewhat) seriously.  They have issued “guidelines” as to how much lead can be in lipstick and some other cosmetics.  Guidelines are not rules.  Thus, these guidelines have zero teeth to them.  Consequently, if your favorite lipstick brand still decides to put 10x as many parts per million of lead in it, welp…  too bad for you and your lips.  The fact of the matter is that this is not a new problem.  Why the FDA is only issuing guidelines now, is really difficult to ascertain.  Let us render a guess: malfeasance, industry lobbying, stupidity?  We don’t know.  The beauty industry has known about this issue for a long time and they have allowed it to perpetuate.  Our advice?  Know WHAT’S IN YOUR COSMETICS (read this)!

Beauty Pie Will Forever Change The Way We Buy Cosmetics (Allure)

Why important/interesting: this is what the online marketing industry calls “click bait.”  It’s a mega grandiose headline attached to an article that can be summarized as: Beauty Pie is a new cosmetics company that will make products that are “as high end, as quality, as amazing” as really expensive brands, but it will sell them cheaply.  Ho hum.  We like quality, reasonably priced cosmetics.  However, Beauty Pie is not going to stop us from coveting a luxurious Louboutin lipstick.

Bobbi Brown Cosmetics Founder Steps Down From Company (Forbes)

Why important/interesting: we celebrate Ms. Brown.  She started this company 25 years ago with a line of ten different lipsticks.  Her company was purchased by Estee Lauder five years later and she remained the Creative Director for most of the past twenty years.  As entrepreneurs, we raise a glass and say well done!  Can we interest you in some Real Beauty, Ms. Brown?


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