Khloe Kardashian Says It Takes A Village (Instagram)

Why important/interesting: for starters, it takes a village of makeup artists – really talented ones – and a professional camera crew to look like this.  We like Khloe.  She’s the one with the up-and-down personal life and a positive body image.  Let us be honest though, the Kardashians are always seen through the lens of high production.  It would be nice if they recognized that aspect of their fame a little bit more.  It’s hard to look this good, without a ton of help.  By acknowledging that help, a false beauty narrative – that women should strive to look like this – becomes less hurtful.  We applaud this start!

Chemical Regulations: What Is Really in Your Makeup? (ABC News)

Why important/interesting: we keep banging on about makeup ingredients and labeling.  It’s important.  Beauty products like makeup and cosmetics are not regulated like drugs.  The FDA does not approve them and little attention is given to their ingredients by any government or consumer oversight function.  Manufacturers are free to add all kinds of chemical into your moisturizer, foundation and mascara, etc.  We dare you to read the label of your shampoo.  Yuck.  Please read our latest blog about mislabeling cruelty-free makeup claims.

Milk Makeup’s Double-Duty Blotting and Rolling Papers (The Cannabist)

Why important/interesting: Milk Makeup has some damn fine “dual use” technology.  You apply your foundation or blush and you blot it with your Milk Makeup rolling…er…blotting paper and then you take said slightly used blotting paper and roll a big fat joint (where legal, of course).  Reversing said process may have a deleterious or burning effect.  Ouch.

No Glitter, No Problem (Daily Mail UK)

Why important/interesting: we are in the winter and Christmas time holiday season.  Therefore, makeup has to respect certain color traditions.  Wrong!  Nope!  Not even on the Chanel Métiers d’Art Show in Paris.  Push past the seasonal, dark Christmas glitter and break out the springtime pink lip colors.  Zut alors!

Chinese Photo App Maker Meitu IPOs (Reuters)

Why important/interesting:  In a look behind the curtain of photo magic, Meitu is the algorithmic engine behind many filters that make you look slimmer, shinier, taller, prettier, more “normalized” but less you.  It is especially popular in Asia and it is used by several makeup brands on their own websites.

Model Deddeh Howard Recreated Popular Ad Campaigns To Make A Statement About Representation (

Why Important/interesting: Deddeh Howard is a beautiful woman who has recreated several iconic fashion advertisements.  The twist: Ms. Howard is a black woman from Liberia.  The models in the original advertisements were all white women.  The entire ethos and reason for LoveRealBeauty is to empower beauty by recognizing beauty – and we mean ALL kinds of beauty.  Well done, Ms. Howard!

NYX Cosmetics Announces Total Control Drop Foundation (Teen Vogue)

Why Important/interesting: budget-esque makeup manufacturer NYX Cosmetics has a new line of foundation that comes in 24 shades and uses a dropper for application. It may not be luxury, but overall the reviews are positive.  And, to get such a wide color variation for under $15 per bottle is, in fact, newsworthy.







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