Huda Beauty’s Huda Kattan schools beauty execs at WWD Beauty Forum (Racked)

Why it’s important: Huda has taken beauty into her own hands. She has developed high-quality products that work for a surprisingly hard match, skin with strongly yellow undertones. Her eponymous line will launch 20 shades of foundation this fall. In another conference insight, Huda rightly pointed out that Instagram is trending toward a homogenous beauty look. She and her team committed to celebrate realistic humans, with their flaws, for her 17 million Instagram followers.


Christian Siriano sends 10 plus-sized models down the runway (Revelist)

Why it’s important: Christian Siriano understands that if you can see it, you can be it.  Not only did he use 10 plus-sized models in his show, but fully half of his models were women of color. And it makes sense: of course we’re more likely to choose clothes and make-up shown on people who look like us. We like to think Siriano’s nudge to the industry over the last two seasons got Ashley Graham onto the Michael Kors runway (HuffPo).

New York Fashion Week runways feature practical, wearable beauty trends (Vogue)

Why it’s important: First, yes, that is a Vogue story exalting wearable trends. Anna Wintour wasn’t kidding about making Vogue more real. And secondly, washing your hair every day is a relic of a time gone by for a million reasons. Headbands, shorter lengths, and “second day” styles dominated, as did simple single-feature makeup looks using one strong color. Alexander Wang went so far as to smudge some NARS kohl eyeliner on his models and call it a day (Popsugar). Designers even ditched bras! It’s like the fashion world woke up and recognized that it should help us carve out 30 minutes a day to make the future female. Thanks, y’all.


Rickie Lloyd becomes social secretary to First Lady Melania Trump (Cosmopolitan)

Why it’s important: The First Lady’s hiring process suggests that the only party she cares about is a well-run state dinner, one of her highest-profile duties. For her second hire, she added Anna Cristina “Rickie” Niceta Lloyd as social secretary, a job that requires a tremendous amount of discretion and respect for history. Ms. Lloyd is highly respected in Washington on both accounts. In her first week, she has already provided wise counsel on keeping the White House kitchen garden and sending the First Lady and Sara Netanyahu to the African-American History Museum during Black History Month.


Laverne Cox on CBS’ ‘Doubt’ and the Grammys leads a big week in trans beauty (The Daily Beast)

Why it’s important: Laverne Cox singlehandedly drove a week-long trending conversation with her mention of Gavin Grimm’s upcoming Supreme Court case during her nanosecond of a Grammys presenting gig. She’s transformed a basic press junket for her new show ‘Doubt’ into an awareness campaign about respect.


Burkini-wearing pageant pioneer Halima Aden signs with IMG (Business of Fashion)

Why it’s important: We first wrote about Minnesotan Halima Aden when she competed in the Miss USA pageant swimsuit competition on her own terms, wearing a hijab and burkini. Championed since then by supermodel Carine Roitfeld, the 19-year-old has been signed by top modeling agency IMG, which will book her only with brands that agree to respect her requirements. Here’s to hoping that Ms. Aden’s requirements help IMG evolve and book a broader portfolio of models for whom a healthy caloric intake is a stated requirement.


Simone Biles and Hannah Teeter are helping U.S. Special Olympians get to Austria (Mashable)

Why it’s important: Women keep getting it done together. The 2017 Winter Special Olympics are coming up in Austria, and the U.S. team has joined up with GoFundMe so that we can directly fund these athletes. Olympians Simone Biles and Hannah Teeter have adopted teams, with Hannah promoting Dana Shilts and the U.S. Snowboarding team. It’s been proven over and over than strong women lead healthy lives. Let’s help these athletes make their dreams come true.

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