Gianna Leo Falcon
Gianna Leo Falcon

"Beauty is hard to define because it can be different in everyone's eyes. When I look at beauty through my lens I hope to capture something that might be ephemeral and at once ever-lasting. The idea of beauty and real beauty versus what the media want us to believe is a complexity and one that I hope to dispel."


“Beauty is really about being in the moment, being natural and not caring for what is hyper obvious.”


“Beauty is actually a pretty daft idea. It’s not something that has a lot of nuance to the definition of it, yet we know there are so many different and beautiful things. We know that intrinsically. It’s all around us.”


“Attitude is beauty and so is grace. But you can’t have attitude without also having…


"Personality is beauty. Definitely, just being yourself. That's beautiful." – Angela Product Profile Featured Beauties Favorites…


“For me, beauty is an ephemeral thing. It’s a moment in time or something that…


“I think of beauty as confidence, as a sense of self-empowerment. I don’t think of…
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“Beauty is just to be natural and yourself.  Don't wear…


“What I find to be beautiful is confidence and whatever…

Mia Bahnen

“Being natural, being intelligent, reading - it's all beautiful to…