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About LoveRealBeauty

Our Mission Statement

It’s simple.  We want to recognize and empower beauty.  We started LoveRealBeauty because we are sick and tired of how a false concept of “beauty” impacts the self-image and success of women. We know that beauty is not something that can be defined by Madison Avenue, Hollywood, or magic pixels.  Beauty is not exclusively found at any location, place, or area.  And, it is certainly not the exclusive domain of those women lucky enough to be born 5’10’’ tall with perfectly proportionate 120-pound frames and ultra-high cheek bones and unblemished skin.

Beauty is not a mold.  Beauty is a flame that burns from the inside out and comes in many different colors, sizes, and looks.

We believe that true, genuine, and organic beauty – what we call “REAL BEAUTY,” is all around us.  At LoveRealBeauty, we have made it our mission to recognize and empower real women to embrace what makes them uniquely amazing.

At LoveRealBeauty, we highlight the beautiful people we see around us each and every day.  We talk to them about their self-care, including the makeup, cosmetics, and beauty products that they use, like, and want. You may not know it, but you are beautiful!


Why We Started LoveRealBeauty – From the Founders

We started LoveRealBeauty because we wanted to have a positive effect on the beauty, cosmetics, and makeup industry.  We also did it for entirely selfish and parental reasons.  We have young children, two of which are gorgeous young daughters.  We never want those two beautiful human beings to ever have to question their own beauty.  We don’t want them to have to think about beauty as a construct, as a measurement, as an unobtainable ideal.  That is not real beauty.

Real beauty comes from within.  That’s something that we feel should be a unifying concept.

We wanted our daughters to know that there is no such thing as “model perfect.”  There is no prototypical human being.  We wanted our lovely little girls to know that beauty is all around us, in so many shapes, forms, and ways.  We wanted them to know that when beauty is recognized, it is empowered.  Thus, with the help of some great and smart people, we have started LoveRealBeauty.  We are on a mission to recognize and empower beauty!

Management Team

Jill Druschke James, Founder & President

Jill James, Founder & President

Jill James, Founder & President

Jill joined LoveRealBeauty to help women find common ground through personal care and affirmation. She leads LRB’s strategic vision and runs day-to-day operations.

She has been in leadership roles with successful start-ups including Afternic, Zimbra, Offermatica, Panache, and Three Day Rule, from founding through funding, build, scale, exit, and earnout. She is the founder of Sif Industries, a fractional executive service that takes businesses from idea to invoice.

When not chasing women down the street for Real Beauty profiles, Jill keeps up her cross-training by partnering with her husband to keep their son and dog from escaping the backyard.

Jeremy L. Hill, Founder

Jeremy Hill, Founder

Jeremy Hill, Founder

Jeremy is entirely passionate about Love Real Beauty’s mission – to recognize and empower beauty.  He is working tirelessly creating amazing content, managing the finances and administrative sides of the business and rolling up his sleeves wherever and whenever it is necessary.  Over the past twenty years, he has held senior investment, finance and legal positions at some of the world’s largest institutions financial institutions.  In addition, he always had an entrepreneurial interest and co-founded, managed and sold several companies along the way.  When not working on Love Real Beauty, Jeremy can be found singing loudly to his children, yelling at his TV about some sporting event, or banging on about some piece of esoteric literature that he has just read.